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Cosmetic Imaging

You cannot easily determine ahead of time the kind of result you’re likely to get after a smile correction or enhancement; this is because smile is a personal thing, and it has the power to change your identity.

But then,with the invention and use of cosmetic imaging, you can have an idea of what the outcome should look like.

Cosmetic Imaging allows us to capture a digital photograph and manipulate it to reveal various treatments for aesthetic results. It can be used to demonstrate to patients, the effects of cosmetic dentistry on smile enhancement- from teeth whitening stimulation to full mouth restoration.

With the concept of cosmetic imaging, patients can easily visualize their treatment options; doctors can as well demonstrate and give recommendations.

Procedures for Cosmetic Imaging

Cosmetic imaging is a straightforward process, and it yields an excellent result. Listed below are the methods for carrying out cosmetic imaging.

  1. The digital photo of a smiling patient is captured.
  2. The picture is saved in an electronic photo album.
  3. The picture is being searched from the database either through alphabetic search or by selecting the thumbnail image.
  4. The image is being altered with the help of cosmetic tools, and a software is used to demonstrate the treatment.
  5. An example of the software used in the demonstration are ImageFX and Vipersoft.
  6. The tools used in the software are similar to the ones used in Photoshop, the only difference is that they can be customized for easy dental applications.
  7. In Cosmetic imaging, a digital photo can be altered via two methods.
  8. The first way is to reshape an individual tooth; this method is suitable for simple procedures like tooth whitening and tooth lengthening.
  9. The second method is to replace a selected tooth with an ideal tooth gotten from a smile library; this method is suitable for complex procedures like tooth replacements.
  10. Patients are given disclaimers which explains that this procedure is just a simulation and the real result may be different from what was demonstrated.

Why Cosmetic Imaging?

  1. Cosmetic imaging makes it easier for patients to visualize their treatment options.
  2. It helps to simplify the communication between dentists and their patients: thus increasing the chances of case acceptance.
  3. With cosmetic imaging, the captured pictures and X-rays can be easily accessed, referenced and incorporated into a patient's record.
  4. It has software which can be used to displaydifferent treatment options topatients; the software can also educate them on their choice of treatment.
  5. The digital pictures and X-rays images give patients a visual insight of what they'll look like after treatments.

Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning is a blueprint or documented plan that contains a patient's oral compilation, suggested procedure as well as the expected outcome of their treatment.

The dental treatment plan contains a summary of the treatment or procedure provided by a dentist, the duration and cost of the treatment. It is a schedule of a patient's procedures and appointment, and it needs to be updated regularly.

Treatment planning has the following distinct phases: urgent phase, control phase, re-evaluation phase, definitive phase, and maintenance phase.


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