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Restorative Procedures in Dentistry

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What is restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry deals with the management of oral health complications and restoration of the mouth to a healthy and aesthetic condition. Restorative dentistry aims to safeguard our tooth and make it as natural as possible.

Types of Dental Restoration

They are various type of dental restoration and in the event of a damaged, decayed or missing teeth, you can choose from any of the options available. Based on the complications, dentists are majorly involved in two types of dental restoration: Direct and indirect. D

Direct Restoration

Direct tooth restoration is the process of placing a filling into a tooth cavity. The color and type of filling are selected based on the position and natural color of a patient’s tooth. This restoration procedure requires just one visit, and it can be done instantly.

Indirect Restoration

Unlike direct restoration, indirect tooth restoration involves customized tooth replacement in the form of bridges, crowns, implants, inlays and outlays. The tooth replacements are made following a patient’s oral measurement; it’s a procedure that requires more than a single visit, and it may last for a more extended period.

Different Restorative Procedures

The most effective dental restoration process is filing. Teeth can be filled using materials such as gold and silver amalgam, or they can be filled using tooth-colored plastic materials also known as composite resin filling (this process is achieved by mixing the right proportion of resin filling using colors that match with the patient’s tooth color)


Dental Implants are majorly used for those who’re having either a missing tooth or missing tooth support. Implants are metal supports, and they’re surgically inserted into the tooth bone or the jaw. The implanted metal acts as a support for an artificial tooth or bridges. The primary advantage of this restorative procedure is that the crown or artificial tooth has rigid support of the metal implant and hence, does not break. This procedure can’t be completed in just a single visit.

Dental Crowns

This therapeutic procedure is used in a situation when the tooth is severely broken, damaged, decayed or when the filling is inappropriate, and there is a very high risk of tooth fracture. Dental crowns are caps, and they are made up of dental porcelain, metal porcelain or a combination of dental and metal porcelain.

In this procedure, an impression of the damaged tooth is taken, the damaged teeth are prepared and shaped accordingly, the dental crowns are prepared and placed over the teeth via a dental adhesive. Dental crowns are also used in dental implants; In that procedure, the crown is fixed to the metal implant.


Just like dental crowns, Bridges are false teeth, and they’re made up of dental porcelain, gold, metals or even a mix of dental porcelain and metal. Bridges have different sections which are fitted onto the adjacent teethes and used as supports to fill the gaps.

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