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Teeth Anatomy

The adult teeth or the permanent dentition replaces the milk teeth or the primary dentition. There are 32 permanent teeth. The main difference from primary dentition is that the permanent dentition has four premolars and six molars. Permanent teeth starts erupting at the age of six and end at 21. Few people may not have all their third molars erupted.

There are 16 teeth on the top and the bottom jaw. There are two central incisors, two lateral incisors, four premolars and six molars on each jaw.

Tooth Structure

  • The tooth consists of two important and basic structures: The crown and the root.
  • The tooth is composed of several components that is essential for the growth, strengthening, preserving and maintaining the function of the teeth.
  • The root is hidden in the gums/gingiva and the crown is the visible part.
  • The root acts as an anchor that holds the entire tooth and is responsible for the blood and the nerve supply to enter the tooth and maintain its viability.
  • The crown is the hard outer surface that helps in breaking down of food while chewing.

Different Layers of The Tooth

  • The crown is covered by a hard tissue consisting majorly of calcium, called the enamel.
  • The root is covered by a hard mineral surface, called the cementum. The cementum when compared to the enamel is softer in nature.
  • The layer under both the outer coverings, the enamel and the cementum is the dentin. It forms the main bulk of the tooth. Dentin is porous in nature as it is responsible in transferring different minerals and nutrients through the different tooth layers.
  • The next layer under dentin is the pulp tissue which is inside the pulp cavity. This cavity is rich in blood supply and nerve supply. This part of the tooth is very important in the maintenance of the tooth.
  • The root of the tooth is embedded in the jaw bone supplied with rich blood and nerve supply. The root that is embedded in the jaw is covered  in gums or the gingiva.

The root is held in place by a bunch of strands called the peridontal ligaments, which are originated from the surrounding bone and embbeded into the cementum.

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