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Vertical Dimension

Vertical dimension is used to indicate the inferior-superior relationship that exists between the mandible and the maxilla; it is maintained by occlusion of the teeth and balanced tonic muscle contraction.

The two factors that are considered for the measurement and selection of VDO (Vertical Dimension of Occlusion) are Phonetic and Aesthetic assessments.

Relating to aesthetics, an approximately measured VDO is used as the configuration of the patient’s lips, nose, and chin. For phonetics, two familiar sounds are used to devise a patient’s VDO.

These sounds are Sibilant (a sound made when a stream of air is released as the tongue is directed towards the edge of the teeth. For example, the consonants at the beginning of the word zip, sip, chip) and Fricative (consonant sound produced by positioning two articulators together. For example- having the lower lip against the upper lip in the case of M)


  • The lower tip of the mandible and the center bottom of the nose are marked for reference and used in measuring the distance at VDO and VDR (vertical dimension at rest)
  • A ruler is used to measure the VDR, the reference that was marked earlier with the mandible at rest is used
  • Similar to step two, the VDO is measured; but the reference here is the teeth in the centric occlusion
  • The FWS (freeway space) is calculated as the difference between VDR and VDO

Effects of Having an Inaccurate VDO

  • Patients having excessive VDO usually feel as if something is stuffed in their mouth and they find it very difficult to close their lips. Conversely, patients who’re having deficient VDO will feel as if their mouth is collapsed; this is because the lower length of their face is decreased and their chin seems too close to their nose.
  • Patients who experience the effects stated above will consequently have to over-close their lips
  • Just as it is mentioned above, an alteration of the VDO will cause very severe discomfort to the muscles of mastication and TMJ (Temporomandibular joints)
  • Inaccurate measurement of the VDO will strain the joint of the mandible

When is Vertical Dimension Used

  • VDO is used to adjust the lower length and dimensions of the occluded teeth after teeth extraction, restoration or any other dental procedures
  • It is used to aestheticallyimprove the lower length of the face
  • VDO is now being used in Prosthetic dentistry

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