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Laser Treatments

In our sophisticated lab, we have import machinery to treat Acne issues in the finest manner. The laser treatment in facial hair removal is highly effective because it treats the root of the hair and prevents the re-growth. Due to hormone imbalance, most women face the problem of hair growth above the mouth, nearby the ears and in chin. It is unwise to go for temporary solutions like waxing, electrolysis, plucking etc. This type of treatment triggers excess hair growth at the treated place. Laser treatment is the perfect choice for permanent solution.

If you are hunting for the best treatment for scar removal, Tattoo removal/ moleremoval then step into our clinic without any regrets. You can expect a permanent and reliable solution for your skin problems. The Laser light flashes on the required area and works on the tattoo or mole to establish a complete removal process. The process takes place few minutes and it is not painful. You have to take a better diet and sleep well for best results. The specialists suggest avoiding sun exposure soon after the treatment. If you follow the guidelines, you can fasten the recovery rate without any issues.

For the tattoo removal/mole removal treatment, we make use of a Q-switched laser light, which emits a single and powerful pulse to work on the required area in an effective way. Experienced dermatologists are available in our firm to clarify your queries related to the treatment. To remove coloured tattoos we will be making use of different laser wavelengths for desired outcomes. All sorts of treatment commence with the injection of local anaesthesia, which brings numbness to the treatment area.

We carry out the laser treatment with proper care and precautionary procedure to avoid discomforts and pain in the treated area.

Procedures for Laser Treatments

  1. Facial Hair Removal.
  2. Acne Issues.
  3. Scar Removal.
  4. Tattoo Removal / Mole Removal.


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